Questions Linger Around Phase One

With the recently signed Phase One, there was a specific dollar amount f American Ag products that China committed to purchasing.   But, will that happen?   USDA analyst, Sharon Raszap, says there is still a lot of uncertainty about the deal because of what was missing.   “It didn’t specify the timing that these […]

Wisconsin Representative Asks Perdue for More Certainty

Wisconsin Representative Ron Kind fired off a letter to Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue demanding more information after the Secretary and the President brought up the possibility of more trade aid for farmers. Perdue had recently told farmers “not to anticipate” more aid in 2020, but Kind points out that the purchases promised in the trade […]

Despite Production Increase, Milk Prices May Increase In 2020

What can the dairy industry expect in the coming year on the national level?   USDA analyst, Jerry Cessna, expects slow growth in milk production in 2020, at roughly 1.4%.  Cessna said despite more output, milk prices this year could be a little higher than they were in 2019.   “We should see continued growth in […]

Johansson Anticipates Better Trade In 2020

As we told you earlier this week, the USDA is expecting Ag exports to rebound this year.   “U.S. Ag exports are forecast at $139.5 billion, that’s up 4 billion from last year,” said USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson.  “China we’re forecasting right now at $14; up billion up from $10 billion last year. However, […]

Trend Of Slight Grocery Price Increase Expected To Continue Into 2020

When it comes to the prices we pay for our groceries, Andy Herig with the Food Industry Association says this is a good time for consumers.  Last year retail food prices went up only 0.9% and USDA Economist, Gianna Short, said we can expect to see that trend continue.   “This year we can expect […]

Commodity Experts Worried About the Coronavirus

Commodity experts at the International Sweetener Colloquium say announcements on the spread of the coronavirus and the falling stock market are making them nervous about the future. The director of dairy market intelligence for High Ground Dairy says fear is gripping the entire supply chain. While dairy prices have risen recently after multiple bad years, […]

USDA Looks At 10 Year Trends

USDA Economist, David Boussios, says short term outlook for 2020 within the agriculture department’s 10 year projections got underway with last October’s world supply and demand estimates.  Therefore based on the assumption of no trade deals, since realized, with Japan, China, Mexico and Canada.  That led forecasters to project higher production this year, and yet, ”we […]

Doing a Deep Dive into U.S. Dairy Consumption

It’s no secret that the dairy sector has been struggling with low milk prices for years, but does that tell the whole story?  Agricultural Economic Insights took a deep dive into the U.S. dairy industry in the face of rising bankruptcies among small farmers and big milk processors like Dean Foods.   Fluid milk consumption […]

U.S. Looks At Africa For Future Ag Trade

The African continent is being pursued by U.S. trade leaders as a potential location for agricultural export growth.  The first location American leaders are looking, is Kenya.   “It’s going to be a historic and difficult conversation,” said Gregg Doud with the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office. Historic, he noted, in that if reached this would […]

Brazilian Beef is Back in the U.S.

Last week the USDA allowed raw beef from Brazil to be imported to the U.S.  The agency said the world’s largest beef exporter has taken the right steps to improve its food-safety inspection system, bringing it up to U.S. standards.  Some farmers, ranchers, and food safety groups are already pushing back against the decision.   […]