USMCA Provides Many Great Opportunities For Northwest Producers, Newhouse Says

PHOTO: U.S. Trade Representative's Office

After 25 years on the books, NAFTA will undergo a major change starting Wednesday. As of July 1st, the trade agreement between the three countries will be known as USMCA. Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse said this will be a great day for farm country, and American producers will benefit in a variety of ways.

“You know, it’s essential we have a strong trade agreement with two of our closest neighbors and longest history of strong trade ties.  So, this will be, I think, truly a red letter date for trade between the three countries and I’m looking forward to many years of successful business opportunities provided for our producers.”

Some of the northwest commodities expected to see the most benefit under USMCA include dairy, Wine and wheat. Click Here to read the details of USMCA and see what was changed from NAFTA.

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