Newhouse: Administration Need To Hold China Accountable For Phase One

There is a growing call across farm country nationwide for the Trump Administration to do more to hold China accountable for their part of the Phase One trade agreement. Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse said he’s heard from growers organizations nationwide that China needs to do more, despite any political disagreements that may exist between the two governments.

“There’s always a complicated plateful of issues that we deal with, particularly when we’re talking about the two largest economic powers in the world, it’s not always smooth but I think that the relationship between the two countries is certainly an important one.  They are a destination for many of our products as we are of theirs.”

Newhouse added producers need to continue to lean on the Administration to do more to hold China accountable. Newhouse added the Trump administration, via Robert Lighthizer, has done a great job negotiating trade deals that benefit the Ag industry.

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