Mercer: Honorary Grower An Award For the Entire Organization

While coronavirus has changed many things about the Washington Wine sector and how consumers can celebrate, one thing that has remained the same is the commitment to the industry displayed in this year’s Honorary Grower for the 2020 Washington Wines event.

Earlier this spring Rob Mercer of Mercer Estates in the Prosser area was named the Honorary Grower of the year, for all of his contributions to the industry in Washington and beyond. He said the honor took him completely by surprise.

“The immediate thought for me was that there are a lot of people out there that deserve that award, and I could think of that should be named as well.”

Mercer added being named an Honorary Grower is not just an award for him, but their entire origination.

“We have some very, very smart people working every day to create better wine and more high quality fruit, and doing it in a very environmentally friendly way.  It’s pretty cool.”

Previous Honorary rower of the year includes Marshall Edwards, Todd Newhouse, as well as Mike and Gary Hogue. The Auction of Washington Wines has been honoring industry leaders since 1999. Nominations are made by member of the wine industry.

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