NASS: NW Potato Stocks Total 47 Million CWT On June 1st

According to NASS, potato stocks across the Northwest totaled 47.1 million cwt on June 1st.

In Washington, potato stocks totaled 17.5 million cwt, with disappearance coming in 85.6 million cwt. In Oregon stocks totaled 3.60 million cwt, with disappearance to date at 21.5 million cwt. And in Idaho potato stock as of June 1st totaled 26.0 million cwt, with disappearance coming in at 104.9 million cwt.

Nationally, the 13 major Potato States held 67.0 million cwt in storage on June 1, 2020, down 4% from June 1, 2019 for comparable States. Potatoes in storage accounted for 16% of the States’ 2019 production compared with 17% for comparable States a year earlier. The indicated potato disappearance, at 356 million cwt, was down 3% from the same period last year for comparable States. Season-to-date shrink and loss was reported as 24.3 million cwt.

In Washington and Oregon, 78.9 million cwt of potatoes have been used by processors for the season, down slightly from the previous year.  Processors in the eight major States used 187 million cwt of potatoes for the season, down 1% from June 1, 2019.  Dehydrated usage accounted for 32.3 million cwt of the total potatoes processed, down 12 percent from the previous year.

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