Dry Conditions Continue To Spread Across The Northwest

The latest figures from the USDA show that the Northwest is drying out. Currently most of western Washington OK, and portions of Spokane and Asotin counties are on par with their soil moisture levels for this time of year. Outside of that, much of the Evergreen state is under some type of drought designation. Currently, 32% of the state is under a D1 or Moderate Drought designation, while 18% is under a Severe Drought, or D2.

In Oregon, only 3% of the state is where it should be for this time of year. Over 35% is under a D2, while 6% including a fair portion of North Central Oregon, is under a D3, or Extreme Drought. Idaho continues to fair better with 55% of the state on pace for where it should be in early May. And with the exception of a small strip of Abnormally Dry soil Latah County, the USDA says there are no problems in North Idaho.

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