Forest Service Out With New Wild Fire Mitigation Tool

Communities in or near national forests facing the annual increasing threat of wild fire activity now have a resource to expand, explore, and reduce community wildfire risk. Jim Menakis of the US Forest Service said the wildfire risk to community’s website is now available online.

“[The website] focusses on identifying fire adapted communities and having communities before more fire adapted to mitigating risk.”

The new website includes easy to use interactive maps, charts, and data showing items such as risk to homes, wildfire likelihood, and vulnerable populations; while giving steps on wild fire risk mitigation pertaining to a community level.

“It’s targeted toward those city planers, those local fire marshals, county planners, those elements, that local community efforts be aware and provide resources for them to help to take action, or build on the actions they’re already taking,” Menakis noted.

Visit the Forest Service’s Website to learn more.

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