WSFB Offers On-Line Resources To Help Producers During COVID-19 Pandemic

Like everyone else out there, farmers have questions regarding how the coronavirus has changed and will change day-to-day operations. The Washington Farm Bureau is there to fill in the gap.

Bailey Peters with WSFB said over the past couple of weeks, they have greatly expanded their on-line resources specific to COVID-19 and what it means to producers across the state.

“You know, it started out as a few links, and as things have changed, and you know really, everyday we hear more from the government or we hear more about concerns that our members have so we add another resource and we’re on there daily updating the information as well.”

Peters noted the web resources serve as a great way to have those reoccurring questions answered 24/7. So, what are the most popular coronavirus topics on the Farm Bureau’s website? Peters said farmworker safety and safety on the farm during pandemic has been one of the most frequently used resources.

“And that’s always a priority for Farm Bureau.  You know, our safety team whether they’re in the office providing webinars or they are actually out in the field, they are always look to provide safety tips to make sure we’re performing at our highest ability all while keeping safety as a priority.  And so, that’s been no different though this situation.”

Peters noted the Washington Farm Bureau will continue to offer free webinars and answer questions as the stay-at-home order is slowly lifted.

Visit WSFB’s Website to check out their COVID-19 resources

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