USDA Reminding Producers To Respond Surveys On-Line

Even with all that’s going, or not going on, due to COVID-19, NASS said if they’ve got the data, and enough of it, they intend to publish their reports such as the March 31st Perspective Plantings Report and publish them on time.  But the data is not the only thing of the mind of NASS leadership.

“The health and safety of our NASS employees or NASS partners is to collect the data, and our respondents is our first priority.,” said USDA’s Joe Parsons. He added much of their data comes from farmer surveys, and he’s asking farmers to help his people to keep the reports coming, and help keep everyone healthy.

“We ask farmers and ranchers that have received a survey to please respond online,” Parsons said. “It’s important now more than ever to respond online promptly that will allow us to deliver these AG statistics without having to do a follow up.”

If farmer does not respond to a survey USDA will sometimes visit the farm to get the information in person. But of course right now with the Coronavirus situation, that option’s really not available. 

To participate in NASS’ surveys, visit the USDA’s Website.

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