Bleyhl: New Fertilizer Plant Is A Game Changer In Central Washington

Last week, Blehyl Co-Op Agronomy opened up a new state of the art 6,400-ton fertilizer plant in Grandview. Agronomist Sean Cairns said their new facility is much larger their old location that topped off at 1,500 tons. He add the plant gives them the ability to stock and plan well into the future.

“So, where there are good opportunities for buys, that not only help put us in a good position, but put our growers in a better position, we’re able to participate.  Where as in years past, our bin capacity was so small, you could only participate to a minimal extent.”

Cairns said with the new facility, they can load and unload truck in minutes, rather than hours. He added the new plant allows them to offer more products to a variety of growers across Central Washington.

“We now have 12 bins and there are 12 different products, so we have more variety to offer people, more ability to blend to their exact specifications.  We also got some cool new stuff coming out where we’re looking at doing some micronutrient coding on the fertilizer itself, instead of it being blended in a granular form, microbes will be impregnated on each prill.”

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