Perdue Thanks Farmers On The Front Lines

As ‘social distancing’ becomes the norm for more people in this country, Ag Secretary, Sonny Perdue, wants to remind everyone  that there are many who cannot telework. 

“I really just want to speak from my heart to all your folks out there that are working on the front lines of our food supply chain. You know, we’re spoiled in America. You’ve provided such abundant, healthy, wholesome, affordable, available food that we take you for granted.”

He added that USDA Food Safety Inspectors continue to work on the front lines, a long with many others.

“From the people who are stocking those shelves, to the people who are driving the trucks to get this food to us. The people who are processing the food and the people who grow the food, and all the vendors that supplied our farmers to help them grown the food. Whether it’s fertilizer, or feed, or seed, or any other input; thank you so much for what you’re doing,” Perdue continued.

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