Expert Says Impact Of Coronavirus On Ag Sector Could Be “Scary”

For many Americans, it may be an option to work from home or telecommute during the COVID-19 outbreak, but for America’s farmers that isn’t even an option. Animals must be fed, cows must be milked, and when planting season rolls around farmers have to get into the field.

And if a farmer or their labor force contracts the virus, it would be detrimental.

“For example, if you have one worker that goes down does that mean that all of your workers have to quarantine at home?” said the University of Wisconsin’s Dr. Mark Stephenson. “If that’s true, what do we do to make sure the cows are being milked, and fed, and cleaned on a regular basis? We need to think about that a little bit. We also have some folks saying that “we have children at home out of school now and they need to be watched.” I did hear from a farmer too that said we’re trying to make this bring your kid to work day.”

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