Americans to Eat Record 1.4 Billion Chicken Wings for Super Bowl

The National Chicken Council Thursday released its annual Chicken Wing Report, projecting Americans to consume a record-breaking 1.4 billion wings during the upcoming Super Bowl weekend.


And the results? Americans’ love for wings continues to grow.


This year’s wing consumption estimate is a 2% increase over 2019, meaning Americans will eat 27 million more wings during this year’s big game weekend versus last year’s.  To put that in perspective, if you ate three wings per minute, it would take him about 900 years to eat 1.4 billion wings.


Council spokesperson Tom Super says when it comes to Super Bowl menus, wings rule the roost.”  The Council asked wing-eaters about their habits, and roughly two thirds of Americans, 65%, who eat chicken wings, claim they like to do so while watching a major sporting event like the Super Bowl.  Meanwhile 51%, claim that they believe chicken wings should be the official food of the Super Bowl.



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