Schmick Encouraging Farmers To Stand Up For Snake River Dams

The window to make comments on a study looking at the economic impact of removing the four lower Snake River Dams will close soon.  Throughout this month, the Lower Snake River Stakeholders presented the findings of their study during workshops in Clarkston, Vancouver and the Tri-Cities.  State Representative Joe Schmick attended the Clarkson event, and said he was most disappointed that comments from those in attendance were not taken.


“It’s an opinion piece, yes we all want fish, but what I saw from the folks on the panel was that you have two diametrically opposed ideas.  You’ve got those who wan the dams to stay, and let’s figure it out how we’re going to get there.  And then you have those that says “it’s not working, so let’s tear them out”.”


Before the Stakeholders close the comment period at 5 p.m. on Friday, Schmick says it’s important the farm community, and non-ag community alike, tell their personal story.


“People need to be talking about how this will affect them directly.  And I believe those stories will have the most impact and I think those are the ones that need to be in the report.  And I hope every person who is listening will write their opinion, write their piece and have their voice heard.”



Click Here to read that draft report

Click Here to submit your comments.  All comments need to be submitted by 5 p.m. Friday.



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