Cantwell: USMCA Can Serve As A Roadmap

On Tuesday, the Senate Finance Committee voted 25-3 to advance USMCA.  Washington’s Maria Cantwell a senior member on the committee, said the updated NAFTA can serve as a roadmap of where the U.S. needs to go when it comes to future trade agreements.  While USMCA will be great for Washington wheat, dairy and wine, she said it’s the $240 million the U.S. will spend ensuring Mexico labor conditions improve that makes this legsialtion historic.  She added the U.S. needs to recognize the growing Middle Class around the world, and the huge economic opportunity that exists.


“There are more Middle Class people than poor people now in the global economy, it’s trillions of dollars of economic opportunity, so let’s build relationships let’s build enforcement let’s build capacity and let’s get on with what my state already knows that trade is a great economic opportunity for our future economy.”


Tuesday’s legislation also provides support over eight years for additional U.S. government capacity to monitor compliance with labor obligations under the USMCA.


Cantwell also worked with Finance Committee Ranking Member Ron Wyden, of Oregon, and Senator Sherrod Brown, of Ohio, to provide for the creation of a new mechanism for monitoring, verifying, and enforcing labor rights in Mexico that are required by the USMCA.


Click Here for additional comments, from Washington’s junior senator.



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