Yakima Valley College Offers New Ag Classes Starting Thursday

Classes at Yakima Valley College start Thursday, and a trio of new classes will be offered in the school’s agriculture program.  YVC’s Stacey Gringras Spanish for The Wine Industry, focuses on helping wine owners and operators learn words and phrases specific to the industry, both in the vineyard and during the winemaking process.  She added Postharvest Physiology, a class the school has not offered in some time will focus on a variety of Ag commodities.


“It covers everything from the natural processes of fruit ripening and senescence to how we go about controlling those things so they fit our timeline getting best fruits and vegetables on the market for saleability and flavor and nutrient content.”


She added Postharvest Physiology will involve a lot of hands-on work as well as research.  The final news class, Irrigation Principals, will involve not only classroom work and labs, but a host of field trips and real world application.


“So we’re going to take student through the various types of irrigation systems they might be dealing with here in eastern Washington, how to calculate water needs, how to design a system, to deliver that water, and how to do troubleshooting.  We’re pretty excited about that one.”


Gringras added Irrigation Principals will cover the wide variety of crops grown across the Inland Northwest.


All classes will take place at the Grandview Campus.  Classes start Thursday, but registration is still available.  Visit Stacey Gringras, Building 56, Office 136A or you can visit Yakima Valley College’s Website.



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