Newhouse: Japan’s Vote Great News, I Expect More Into The Future

Last week, Japan’s Upper House of Parliament ratified a partial trade agreement with the United States, which goes into effect on January 1st.  Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse said that vote was a great step forward for American Ag.


“Japan is a very important trading partner and they have been for a long time and this will continue that strong relationship and help it to grow.  It’s good news for Washington producers, and I think it’s a harbinger of more good things to come.”


Newhouse pointed specifically to USMCA.  He said the House is very close to putting the final touches on the updated NAFTA.  And he says what may help get USMCA across the finish line with House Democrats is the level of commitment from Canada.


“To assist the government of Mexico in any way that they possibly can to help with some of the labor reforms that will be required of them and some of the enforcement mechanisms that the Democrats have been asking for.”


Newhouse is hopeful that a USMCA vote will take place before the end of the year.



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