AARP Out With Tips To Save Around The Farm

Farming is big business and nowadays comes with big costs.  Fortunately, there are many ways farms can save money.  And, much of the practices for consumers to save money can translate to savings for the farm or rural business.  The AARP’s Sean Voskuhl said the opportunities to save money on daily purchases are endless.


“When it comes to big expenses, farmers know to find ways to lower costs on seed with early purchases, or to renegotiate rental rates when necessary, and to fine tune crop inputs. But the many little expenses around the farm we often don’t think about can add up to big savings with a little extra work. From energy savings, to discounts, we have several tips that can help the consumer and the farmer.”


For the day-to-day expenses around the farm, Voskuhl says there are several ways to save money.  For example, purchase parts, such as oil and oil filters in bulk, and fuel up on Monday; shows that is the best day to purchase fuel.  Voskuhl added one area where farmers can save a lot of money, but often don’t think about, is lighting, including the farmhouse and other buildings.


“The average home has 45 lightbulbs. It’s hard to imagine just how many are on the farm, from the barn, shop and other outbuildings. But, replacing those lights with LED light bulbs in the average home can cut your annual energy bill by $300. Depending on the buildings around that farm, that could mean a big savings each year. Just remember, shop around for everything and look for ways to save,” Voskuhl continue.


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