Three More Depredations Attributed To Togo Pack

As the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife continues to look at killing members of the Togo pack in Ferry County, word comes that pack was responsible for three depredations last week.  Earlier this month, WDFW Director Kelley Susewind authorized the lethal removal of wolves from that pack.  And while no wolves have been removed, the Department has confirmed those three new depredations.


On Sunday, August 11th, staff was called out to three possible depredations, one dead calf and two injured.  WDFW says the Togo pack is responsible for six depredations in the past 30 days and seven in the last 10 months.  This is the third time Susewind has OKed lethal removal in the Togo pack, WDFW killed one wolf back in September under a previous authorization.



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