PNW Canola Association Preparing To Launch New Website

The PNW Canola Association is planning on launching its first ever website in the coming days.  Karen Sowers with the Association said they hope to use this site as an active resource for growers looking at or trying canola.


“What’s evolving currently, specifically in the Pacific northwest, but also Canada, the Great Plains where there’s more winter canola.  What’s going on in Legislative activity.”


Sowers added the hope is the website is wealth of knowledge not only for growers and the Ag community.


“But for the general public to learn more about canola and canola byproducts, oil and livestock meal, and other farming things that may not be something they would think about when they are looking at canola.  Maybe they don’t know what canola is or where it’s grown, so that’s the other side of the website.”

Sowers noted there is always more to learn about canola, and education is the key to enjoying good yields.  She added this will be a good way for growers to connect with workshops schedule in the coming months across the Northwest, including Washington, Idaho, Montana and perhaps Oregon.



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