Presidents Trump, Xi Will Talk Trade at G-20

The Agriculture Community will be watching this week’s G-20 summit with baited breath.  President Trump is scheduled to meet with China’s President Xi Jinping face-to-face for a high-stakes discussion on trade, as well as other issues. While most officials don’t expect a long-awaited breakthrough yet, it is possible that Trump could be talked into not putting new tariffs on even more Chinese imports.


Politico said Trump has continually preached patience during high-profile negotiations with China, North Korea, Iran, and other nations.  It’s both for strategic reasons and as a way to smooth over any frustrations with the slow pace of progress.  Politico also said the “no rush” approach could also be a result of Trump’s confidence that the U.S. can simply outlast its adversaries in trade disputes.


However, the go-it-alone foreign policy seems to be leaving the U.S. president increasingly isolated from key U.S. allies.  Politico said that may become even more apparent during the upcoming G-20 gathering.



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