Supporter Says Farm Bill Opens Up Hemp Possibilities

The 2018 Farm Bill contains language that legalizes industrial hemp production, which one supporter believes will open several economic opportunities for producers.  Michael Bowman of the National Hemp Association said with industrial hemp separate and separated from marijuana in the controlled substance act, opportunities should expand for already existing industries such as clothing and textiles.


“CBD oils which is a very popular health related product,” Bowman said.  “I’d say the hemp hearts is probably the most popular market right now.”


And biofuel feed stocks as well as new value added opportunities such as press seed with high protein content that can be used as animal feed.


“Veterans were interested in using hemp in hempcrete, an old but new building product to do some reconstruction in parts of Detroit.”


Bowman acknowledged the versatility of industrial hemp as most every part of the plant can be converted into a used product and provide economic opportunity for producers. ​

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