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Glenn Vaagen

Glenn Vaagen is the Program Director for the Washington Ag Network. Prior to his time with the Washington Ag Network, he was the Program Director and News Director for KBNW-AM in Bend, OR. Early in his career, Glenn was the News and Program Director at KMAX-AM in Colfax, WA. He graduated from the University of Idaho where he played football for the Vandals. Glenn is married and has four children.

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    Robert Hauser

    wasn’t the farm bill passed and signed? If it was……… why is this posted as “farmers are uncertain about their future?” It is now law.. or am I mistaken? They know in-spite of the 2 dems….not wanting to protect our country…the Government will reopen..and they can make their farming decisions now…. To me… this seems to be “another…..oh oh.. danger!! instead of being positive for a change? Just my thoughts.
    Bob Hauser


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