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Glenn Vaagen is the Program Director for the Washington Ag Network. Prior to his time with the Washington Ag Network, he was the Program Director and News Director for KBNW-AM in Bend, OR. Early in his career, Glenn was the News and Program Director at KMAX-AM in Colfax, WA. He graduated from the University of Idaho where he played football for the Vandals. Glenn is married and has four children.

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    I’ve been grazing cattle on my timbered 114-acre property located on the Olympic Peninsula, not only do the cattle reduce the fire hazard, but they eat some of the competing brush. It’s a win-win. About 20 years ago a major fire erupted in Laguna Beach, CA. I watched from a neighborhood edge as the fire petered out when it hit the Irvine Ranch grasslands. 100′ flames dropped to 3′ flames which the fire department easily extinguished.


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